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El Mirador Restaurant

El Mirador Restaurant is the result of the love and dedication of its previous owners, who built exceptional establishment. In June 2021, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, David, Jenifer, Miguel, and Alejandro, four talented and passionate young individuals, had the opportunity to take over the business. Since then, they have worked tirelessly to create a unique offering, imbued with value and love for what they do. Their effort and commitment have borne fruit, and in 2022, the Restaurant Guru platform awarded El Mirador as the best restaurant in Setenil de las Bodegas.

Traditional Cuisine


El Mirador Restaurant blends tradition and innovation in its kitchen, offering typical dishes from the Sierra de Cádiz with a modern twist. Using the best raw materials from the area, their gastronomic proposal focuses on highlighting the flavor and quality of local products. With meticulous care in their preparation, El Mirador provides a unique experience to its diners, where traditional cuisine merges with new culinary techniques.

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I loved it! Every dish I've eaten has something surprising. You can tell it's made with care. The staff is very professional and attentive. Price according to quality. They have very good local wines.

Amparo RB

The most select place in Setenil, with beautiful views of the town, since everything is with glass windows. The owner's attention is magnificent, he explains in great detail the preparation of each dish. The food is spectacular. And surprisingly at a very good price.


Exquisite food, top-quality local products and wines. I recommend the risotto and the oxtail ingot. For dessert, we loved the sponge cake. Also noteworthy is the good attention and treatment by David, who explained and recommended correctly. Finally, the charm of the views and the light from its windows is an added extra. In the photos, I hope you can appreciate the gastronomic quality of the place. Regards.

Francisco Javier Suárez Pérez
Meet our


Miguel Castillo, chef at El Mirador, is passionate about gastronomy. Accumulating more than 15 years of experience working in various restaurants on the Costa del Sol. His talent and dedication led him to join his partners and take over the kitchen at El Mirador, where he has managed to stand out and delight diners with his exquisite culinary creations.

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Some of

Our Dishes

Discover some of our star dishes, which reflect the essence of El Mirador and delight the most demanding palates. Discover our culinary delights.

Airy Cod Fritters

Fluffy dough with confit cod and squid ink aioli.

Ajoblanco and Tuna

Cold almond and coconut milk soup, with Japanese marinated tuna tartare and sesame.

Mirador Salad

Mixed lettuce, melting goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, and crispy battered chicken with Setenil honey vinaigrette.

Mexican Tacos (2 pcs.)

Pork cheek with guacamole, pico de gallo, pickled onion, and chipotle chili sauce.

Onion-stewed Tuna

Loin with reduction of traditional onion-stewed juice to oloroso, sweet onions, and seaweed powder.

Creamy Rice with Oxtail

Seasonal mushrooms, valley asparagus, and shredded oxtail.

Iberian Pork Cheek

Reduction of red wine and spiced sweet potato cream.

Bull Ingot in Mirador Sauce

Slow-cooked and shredded oxtail with confit potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and demi-glace of its juices.

Our own garden

Enjoy the freshness and authentic flavor of ingredients grown in our own garden.

Tradition 2.0

Rediscover the classics, reinvented with creativity and respect for tradition.

Mediterranean Flavor

Experience the essence of sea and land in our dishes, with the exquisite Mediterranean touch.

Extensive wine cellar

Let our extensive selection of wines, carefully chosen to enrich your culinary experience, guide you.

Meet our

Wine Cellar

Explore our select cellar, with varieties that include generous, white, rosé, red, sparkling, and sweet/semi-sweet wines, perfect for every occasion and palate.

Robust and Intense Flavors

Dive into our selection of generous wines, aged and fortified, offering deep and complex flavors.

These wines, originating from the Jerez region, are characterized by their intensity and aromatic richness, the result of a unique aging and fortification process. From dry and saline to sweet and honeyed, our generous wines offer a wide range of styles, perfect for accompanying appetizers, tapas, cheeses, and desserts, enhancing each dish with their marked personality.

Elegant Freshness

Discover our careful selection of white wines, offering a refreshing and sophisticated experience to the palate.

Made from quality grapes and different winemaking techniques, our white wines cover a wide spectrum of flavors and aromas, from dry and mineral to fruity and floral. Their freshness and versatility make them the ideal accompaniment for seafood, fish, salads, and light dishes, enhancing and balancing the flavors of each recipe to provide an exceptional enogastronomic experience.

Seductive Aromas

The rosé wines from our cellar stand out for their versatility, attractive colors, and captivating aromas.

Produced from various grape varieties and elaboration techniques, such as bleeding or maceration, our rosé wines offer a varied range of nuances and flavors, from soft and fruity to more intense and structured. Their ability to accompany a wide variety of dishes, from starters and salads to meats and fish, makes them a perfect choice to enjoy on any occasion and enrich your gastronomic moments.

Body and Character

Our selection of red wines presents a diversity of styles, from light and fruity to intense and robust.

Carefully selected, our red wines come from different regions and grape varieties, reflecting the richness and winemaking tradition of each territory. Their nuances of flavor, aroma, and texture add body and character to each pairing, perfectly complementing dishes of meats, stews, cheeses, and intense flavors. Let yourself be seduced by the elegance and power of our reds, and enjoy a unique and unforgettable oenological experience.

Bubbling Elegance

Our selection of sparkling wines offers sophisticated and effervescent options to celebrate special moments or enjoy on any occasion.

Made through different methods, such as the traditional champenoise method or Charmat, and using different grape varieties, our sparkling wines are characterized by their freshness, elegance, and fine, persistent bubbles. With options ranging from dry and complex to sweet and fruity, these wines are ideal for accompanying appetizers, main courses, and desserts, or simply to enjoy in a toast. Discover the magic of our bubbles and elevate your celebrations with style and flavor.

Pleasure and Sweetness

The sweet and semi-sweet wines from our cellar offer an experience of pleasure and sweetness, ideal for enjoying on multiple occasions.

Made with high-quality grapes, harvested at their optimal point of ripeness and using different winemaking techniques, these wines stand out for their perfect balance between sweetness, acidity, and aroma. From the slightly sweet and refreshing to the intensely sweet and unctuous, our options enrich appetizers, desserts, and dishes with contrasting flavors, offering a unique sensory experience. Let yourself be conquered by the sweetness and complexity of these wines, and enjoy their versatility and charm in each glass.

Meet our

Dining Room Manager

David Delgado, head of room and sommelier at El Mirador, is a true expert in the art of service and oenology. With solid international training, he has worked in prestigious dining rooms in the United Kingdom and became the manager of a renowned restaurant in Chamonix. Passionate about wines, his extensive knowledge allows him to assertively recommend the best options to pair with the delicious dishes of the restaurant, ensuring an exceptional culinary experience for all customers.

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